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I started coaching with Jordan a couple years into my health and fitness journey. I was going to the gym 2-3 times a week, but didn’t have any structure or really know what I was doing. I had been lucky up to that point that even thought I didn’t understand food, my young metabolism kept me in ok shape. However after I won Miss New Zealand, my preparation for the global competition kicked into gear and I wanted to get serious about looking my very best. Jordan gave my workouts structure and routine, whilst also correcting my technique. His diet plans allowed me to loose the “Skinny Fat” look that I came to dislike, and instead gave me an overall more toned physique.
I have worked with Jordan in an online capacity where he has done my nutritional programming leading into two powerlifting competitions. Our main goal was to cut body fat in order to make weight for competition. With Jordan’s help, I was able to get leaner while still continuing to gain strength, hit my training goals and then make competition weight in the most stress-free way possible. From my initial consultation to checkins and updates, it was clear that Jordan had a huge amount of knowledge and experience that he used to structure a really effective and tailored programme for me to get the best results. Jordan was professional, provided a clear, well structured programme and was extremely easy to communicate with. I appreciated how he would explain each step of the process thoroughly and would pass on as much knowledge and reasoning as possible. I would definitely recommend Jordan’s nutritional programming to any powerlifters wanting to drop body fat and want to work with someone friendly, experienced and who can get results.
152.5kg squat , 92.5kg bench and 185.5kg deadlift
I have been working with Jordan for two years with a starting weight of 140kg. Competing in Powerlifting the goal was to maintain strength and muscle and drop unnecessary body fat. In just over a year I dropped 40kg and felt the best I have ever felt. After the weight drop Jordan was able to ramp up my food intake whilst maintaining my new leaner physique which has done wonders for gym performance. Highly suggest working with him whatever your performance or body composition goals are - he will help you get there!
When I first came to see you I was at my heaviest and knew I needed to do something if I wanted to look my best for my wedding day! If it wasn't for your continued support and patience, I probably would've given up in week 3 when I text you to say I couldn't do it anymore. Thanks for the real talk and not wrapping my consultations in cotton wool. Seriously can't thank you enough, one of the best decisions I made for myself pre wedding was sending you a Facebook message! Thanks again Jordan!
I started with Jordan in April 2016 weighing around 100kg and in a year, under Jordan's guidance I got down to 77kg. I checked in with Jordan every two weeks and he changed my nutrition and training plan as required. He kept things fresh when I got bored and taught me how to work the plan into my lifestyle. He's completely changed my life and I couldn't be happier that I got the chance to work with him. I highly recommend Jordan as a trainer and nutritionist. Thanks Jordan!